Chinese manufacturer’s exquisite custom epoxy overlay QR tag/ID pet tag/pet identity tag

Short Description:

●Process: Die-casting/forging/die-cutting/4-color printing

●Base material: copper/stainless steel/zinc alloy/waterproof PVC or PET (chemical resistance and heat resistance) or paper, epoxy resin, etc.

●Size: regular size or customized

●Quantity: There is no minimum quantity standard

●Trademark: single-sided or double-sided

●Plating: gold/silver/nickel/rhodium/customized, etc.

●Color: Pantone

●Accessories: Aperture

●Packing: OPP/PP/paper card/velvet bag/gift box, or customized

●Sampling time: generally 7-10 days, 3-5 days for urgent orders

●Production time: usually 15-18 days, urgent order 7-10 days

●Transportation: Ship FedEx/DHL/UPS/TT/AIE/SEA, DDP or DDU can be used

●Offshore Port, Shenzhen, Guangdong

●Payment items TT, Western Union, Paypal

Product Detail

Product Tags


Hobrin badge gift company has been involved in the customization of pet tags since its establishment in 2012. Pet ID tags and pet QR code tags are one of them. We made it to make it easier for a lost pet to find its owner. It is our love for pets and animals that inspired us to do this.. If you are looking for high-quality pet identification tags then you have come to the right place. Our ID tags and QR tags are made of high-quality materials and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles.

We provide more and more internal designs, through customized ID tags, QR code tags, NFC tags, for commercial, industrial or animal tags. Our labels have spread across the global market. We can guarantee that your customized pet label is unique, and we improve the production process year by year to meet customer needs. Over the years, we have produced thousands of customized labels for world-renowned lost and found companies, animal protection agencies, and pharmaceutical companies such as mysafety.PetHUB, qtago, returnme.getmehome, etc.

All of our identity tags are made of high-quality metal and PET plastic substrates. The first step: the coated substrate is white, the second step: the use of 4-color printing technology to make your design perfect presentation. The third step: die-cut the product according to the designed shape. Step 4: Put epoxy resin on the hardware products. Step 5: Use the most advanced laser to engrave the ID codes and QR codes that customers need, so we promise that our hardware substrates, inks, and epoxy resins are environmentally friendly, and our epoxy resins can all achieve UV protection Its hardness can reach the drop detection after freezing at minus 5 degrees for 48 hours, and the clarity of our laser ID code and QR code can pass through the scanning device. If your pet is often exposed to water or to wet places, we also recommend that you customize a stainless steel substrate label for it.

All of our pet tag content can be customized engraving.To make it easier to read, we recommended that keep the text and details as concise as possible. Don’t try to add spaces, unnecessary punctuation, or fancy symbols. This only makes the prints smaller and harder to recognize. We reserve the right to change the text layout on your label to ensure it fits comfortably.

Hobrin badge gifts have 9 years of experience in making pet identification tags. We have professional equipment and professional technical personnel. We are one of the few manufacturers in China that can produce independently. If you need it, please contact us.

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Accept customer design

Hobrin Badge and Gift company specially prepared the ID code, QR code,NFC FRID card for your pet

This is an economical way to increase safety and take better care of your pet!

QR code-Scan the QR code to access you faster.

URL-Enter the URL on any browser to view your pet web page.

Used for lost property tracking or rescue RFID solutions for people, pets, bags, etc., with built-in NFC Ntag213 chip. Print a unique QR code and serial number. The url is encoded in the NFC chip. The QR code url is the same as the chip url. People with NFC phones can read NFC. The chip opens the website to get rescue information or contact/owner information, and those without an NFC phone can scan the QR code to open the website.

Demonstration of usage details

Product packaging options

We offer many different types of packaging. For example, simple plastic bags, cardboard with blister lids, can be customized to print your information. In addition, we also provide customized packaging according to your requirements. Contact the supplier↓ according to your requirements, our sales will provide you with professional solutions.

Customization process:

Equipment display

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