The basic information


Acknowledgements All orders will be confirmed in paper work and without shipping cost. Each item will be identified with a ten-digit personalization code number and title. Use this code when referring to your order.

Art Requires vector EPS drawing. Image is 300 dpi.

Product catalog  Provide free design with a reasonable number of design.

Change/Cancellation Any change or cancellation request may be charged based on production conditions.

Colors PMS® closely matches colors at no extra charge

Country of origin  According to the regulation, our goods must bear the mark of the country of origin. This mark will be stamped or affixed on the back of all items except in certain exceptions. Please contact the factory for more information about these exceptions.

Continuous number  On the back of most lost property labels can be used a serial number, unique QR code.

Dies and tools Design, make moulds, preserve moulds as a basic service of our company, and retain its ownership. Retention charges are included in the sample cost. All molds will be kept on file for two years unless prior arrangements are made at the time of ordering.

Disclaimer We have no responsibility for delays caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control. This includes, but is not limited to: natural disasters, strikes, congestion at ports of entry and ports of origin, customs, DSS, inspections or delays, or other disaster.

Material compliance  The materials used by Hobrin Company are meet the standards of various countries. If you have special requirements, please inform us in advance. Raw materials, enamel and paint. All custom projects will pass the CPSIA test. You can do independent third-party testing on your custom orders but will have additional cost. If required by law, a compliance certificate may be issued for your order. Please add 7-10 days for testing

Packaging  Many custom solutions are available for your project.Please contact our sales for help.


Price Due to frequent fluctuations in the cost of raw materials, possible changes in tariff rates and currency exchange rates on the market, Our offer is valid for 10 days. Please confirm before placing the order.

Product image, sample usage unless you inform Hobrin company in paper work not to use the image, the products manufactured by Hobrin company may appear in the future publication website or exhibition. After confirming that the image sample cannot be used, Hobrin company will abide by the regulations and will not use it in our publications, websites and trade fairs.

Quotation All orders need to verify the price before confirming the order, Large quantities, cooperation plan above the MOQ quotation will enjoy preferential price.

Repeat orders  For repeat orders placed within two years after the previous order, no mould fee will be charged. When placing the order, please refer to the previous price and accounting again according to the actual material cost. If there is any increase in cost, both parties need to confirm the price again.

Return policy  if there is a quality problem, Don’t meet the contract terms and sample standards. Any return request must be made within 7 days after received the goods, after confirmation, Hobrin company will be reimbursed within a certain period of time.

The emergency order

Special shipment date requirements can be met if requested and approved by the company. Hobrin company will expedite processing. There will be no additional charge. Please contact our sales.



Regularly samples time 8 -10 days, special sample | | (plating color) 10-12 days. Please provide a shipping account number if rapid shipping is required.

Delivery date

The delivery date of the goods shall be implemented according to the agreed by both parties. If there is a special need to ship in advance or delay the shipment, it shall be agreed 5-7 days in advance.


Most orders are shipped in the form of FOB CA. Unless otherwise requested, UPS will be used. After the third location, XXXX fees are charged for each destination of multiple domestic destination shipments to multiple destinations. For international direct shipping by sea, add XXXXX to each package, plus applicable freight-signature is required.

Sense of social responsibility

Our factory has received social compliance audit, including smeta, 4 pillar on-site audit. The certification and audit includes labor standards, health and safety, environment and business ethics.


Payment terms

30% deposit with the order. We accept visa, MasterCard and American Express.


The logo, name and trademark illustrated on this website are examples of what the factory have production. We don't sell it. The factory assumes that the customer is authorized to use the logo and trademark submitted for reproduction. Hobrin company is not responsible for trademark or copyright disputes.